My Support System

Over the course of my pregnancy, I have had a remarkable support system. This includes my entire family, and both close and distant friends. Being able to be open about the situation and how i’m feeling has been a surprisingly effective way to alleviate stress. Unplanned pregnancies, regardless of age, are bound to create a multitude of fear and indisputable anxiety. I’m forever grateful for the acceptance and hope my family and friends have given me. There are no words to describe how appreciative and thankful I am for them. At times, I began to feel extremely vulnerable and hopeless. The simplest words such as “I’m proud of you” or “you will be okay” left a bigger impact on me than was intended. I will forever be sorry for putting my family through such a difficult time, but my new perspective has made me much more thankful and appreciative of them. Even the smallest amounts of time spent with friends has lifted my spirit and helped me to feel more capable and prepared for whatever my future might hold. They have allowed me to take breaks from being the “teen mom” and just be a normal 17 year old girl. The support from my friends and family is ultimately what gives me hope. I can’t even begin to describe how lucky I am to have them.


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