I’m glad to say that the feelings of self-doubt are over. Of course there are plenty of things for me to worry about, but time has helped me to become more confident with what ever lies ahead. I’ve began blocking out the negativity, which makes excitement easier to feel.

It’s been a few days since my last update, so I wanted to share a few things. For a few months, i’ve been very unsuccessful with finding a name. Name a website, and there’s a very great chance that I have been there. I have had dozens of suggestions, but hadn’t heard a name that I could see myself naming my daughter. Finally, after countless minutes of brainstorming ideas for my baby’s name, I thought of one. As of now, my daughters name is Audrey Elizabeth.

The last couple of months have brought many months worth of onesies. When I go to a store, it’s hard to walk past all of the tiny clothes. It’s relieving to finally feel a sense of excitement rather than a buildup of anger and confusion. It’s nearly impossible to imagine what my life will be like once baby Audrey arrives, but I think about it daily. All I can guarantee is that whatever the future holds, she’ll definitely have enough clothes!

My baby shower will be late April. If you have suggestions, they’re greatly appreciated, and can either be sent by e-mail or the contact link above.


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