30 Weeks and Counting

Today marks the 30th week of my pregnancy! For a while I found it difficult to plan ahead, as I’m unsure what to expect. I still find it somewhat challenging to imagine what lies ahead, not only for the remaining 10 weeks or so of pregnancy but every day that follows. I’m a firm believer that no matter how many pregnancy books I read or how much advice that i’m given, I will never be ready. All I can do is prepare the best I possibly can and remember that I have outstanding support.

I began taking my classes online, because it was the best option for me in my current situation. Although I can’t thoroughly plan ahead, as I don’t know what to expect and things are more than likely to occur without warning, I have created goals to keep myself on track for the future. I plan to complete my online courses and return to school part-time as a senior so I can graduate. For the years that follow, I plan to go to a community college to study veterinary science.

I am preparing to be a mother as best as I can, but still feel lost. I’m extremely grateful for having such outstanding support that gives me more hope to hold onto. As of now, i’ll take my life one step at a time to prevent myself from being overwhelmed.

My baby shower will be five weeks from now, so if you’re interested in attending, keep your eye open for an open Facebook invite.



2 thoughts on “30 Weeks and Counting

  1. So proud of you Angelina… I have no doubt you’ll be a great momma… always remember family is their for you if you need them… love you little cousin

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