School and Rumors

For those of you who are not yet aware or haven’t read my previous post, I have switched to online classes. I thought it would be important to clear that up as a lot of people are coming to their own conclusions.

I’ve been questioned about my decision more than once, so i’ll explain. My baby is due at the end of May, which makes going to the school for approximately 8 hours a day extremely inconvenient, not to mention I have not had an easy pregnancy. For example, I have had severe morning sickness throughout my entire pregnancy, and have relied on partially effective medications to get me through about 5 months of school. It was a long process to get my classes online (a big thank you to my councilors) and has been my plan for many months. I’ll be returning to school part-time for senior year, because although school is a must, taking care of my baby is more important. So for those who have heard otherwise, i’m still on track to graduate on time.

I cannot stress this enough- If you hear something about me that didn’t directly come from me, the information you received is false. It’s up to you as to whether you believe the information about me that comes from myself or from a source I’ve never associated myself with. I don’t expect the majority of you to understand anything that i’m going through, and thank you to those who keep their assumptions to themselves.

(My apologies to those that this message doesn’t apply to- It was directed at a select few.)


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