Baby Shower

Before I begin, I want to say thank you to everyone who helped join in celebration of baby Audrey, and to everyone who helped make it all possible. Many people have spent weeks preparing for the baby shower, and I’m extremely happy yet relieved to call it a success. Planning for a baby shower can be very stressful, but I’m grateful not only for the amount of people who came, but for the amount of help that was given while planning for the shower. It was amazing to see the amount of people who truly support me, and I’m grateful for every last one of you! Thank you all for making this day one that I will never forget.

I’ll always remember the countless hours spent tying bows on party favors and dipping Oreo’s in pink chocolate. It takes a substantial amount of time making cookie rattles and pink drizzled popcorn, but overall I had a good time helping to prepare it. I’m glad that I get to look back on the preparation of my baby shower and remember the good times spent with family and friends.

I’m overwhelmed and so very thankful for everything I received. Each and every thing is impossible to part with, and am so grateful for everyone who came! I will be posting an update on the baby later this week after the appointment!





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