Fighting Stereotypes

Many people are fixed on the belief that teen moms can’t be good parents. Teen parents are commonly thought of as “immature,” or “careless.” Before becoming a mother myself, I didn’t disagree. After I became pregnant, my mindset changed and I became an entirely new person. The immaturity and carelessness that a teen mom may possess before becoming a parent seldom has anything to do with the person that they have become. I often look back at things that I have said and done less than a year ago, and can’t even recognize myself. The way of thinking I once had has completely transformed, and my mindset changed drastically over the course of  these last nine months.

Becoming a parent at a young age does not stop you from achieving your goals or being successful – It just gives you motivation and someone to enjoy the journey with. Isabel Moutran, pregnant at 18, is a perfect example of not only being successful in life, but being a successful mother. Her motivation has pushed her to work exceptionally hard in preparation to achieve a wonderful life for her daughter, Egypt. “People ask me how I come up with these creative ideas;” says Isabel, “My drive, my motivation, all comes from Egypt.” Egypt was a miracle and a blessing to both Isabel and her boyfriend, Corey. Isabel is such an inspiration to other teen moms, and helps show others that no matter your age, you can be successful – Most importantly, you can be successful in your child’s eyes. “I used to be so mean, selfish, and I could only see my point of view,” Isabel admits, “Becoming a parent has made me a beautiful person.” I connect with this statement because as mentioned, my way of thinking has completely transformed which has helped me to see the positive side of negative situations. Becoming a parent, regardless of your age, can definitely make you see yourself as a much better person. “My mindset has changed so much from being bad and doing what I wanted,” says Isabel.

Regardless of your age, you can be a successful mother. Babies are blessings. They are motivators, not setbacks. Setting goals and having the motivation and drive to achieve them is what determines your future. You can change your mindset and change who you are, regardless of who you were.

Feel free to find Isabel at ♥

“I want her to love and be loved.” -Isabel Moutran


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