Waiting Game

I’m 39 weeks as of today! Knowing that my baby could come at any moment is both exciting and terrifying. I haven’t really gotten any signs that she’s coming soon, but it makes me anxious just knowing that it’s possible. Anxiety is an obvious and expected feeling to have when you’re going to have a baby, but this has been such a long, stressful, tiring process that i’m mostly just excited. Excited to feel like myself again, to get to hold my baby in my arms, and to begin this new chapter of my life. It’s relieving to know that I am able to provide for her with the help of my family, and that she has beyond what she truly needs. I feel confident knowing that I hold the cards, and everything involved in my baby’s life will be there by choice. It’s important that a mother has the power to eliminate negative and potentially harmful things involved in their baby’s life. There is no stronger bond than the one between a mother and her child.

After months spent following the cycle of homework and getting sick, i’m proud to say that I’ve completed my online classes. I was so stressed thinking I would have to do hours worth of homework on top of taking care of a baby. The days spent sitting in front of my computer all day in an attempt to complete my junior year of high school have paid off. I’ve learned that if you truly want something or have strict goals set, you can most definitely reach them.

I believe it’s important for a mother to bond with their baby shortly after they are born, free of distractions. Because of this, I most likely won’t be accepting visitors at the hospital other than family. It’s not to take personally; from what I’ve heard, labor isn’t easy. It’s important to take time to recover and to get to know your baby. Once I return back home, i’ll announce my baby’s arrival and will welcome most visitors for a short time. I know that i’m going to be exhausted and will need time to rest, and so will my baby! Also, I apologize ahead of time for not being quick to answer any texts or calls. I have a strong feeling that my phone will no longer be my top priority! 🙂




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