3 Months

Monday marks 3 months with my little bundle of joy! First off i’d like to apologize for such an extensive delay. The adjustment that comes with a newborn baby is NOT easy, which i’m sure many of you understand. The past three months have been amazing. I’ve been pretty tied down and began to get stir-crazy, but traveling is getting much more manageable as time goes on. I’ve noticed that being a mom is NOT easy, especially being a single teen parent. It may have it’s challenges but it is most definitely worth it.

Since Audrey has been born, I have been fully responsible for her. I’m extremely grateful to have so much help from my family, but I have chose to take cost into my own hands since she is my baby. I have not received support outside of my family so I’ve been extremely frugal. I have all I need to support her on my own, but I have no income which causes me to feel a sense of guilt when buying anything. Getting a job is out of the question since I will be a full time student and mother. There is no way I could balance a job on top of that at this time. Since I have all I need to support her for now, I will need to focus on school rather than work.

I have always heard how fast time goes by once you have a child, but never really understood. It feels like just last week that my mom and I were rushing to the hospital! I know Audrey’s only three months old, but it’s hard to think of how quickly she’s growing! It’s sad that she’ll never be that 7.14 pound baby again, but it’s also exciting that she’s reaching new milestones each day – it’s bittersweet, but we grow closer and closer each day!

I apologize for everyone who waits days to hear back from me. I know for a fact that my friends don’t understand what is going on in my life. Sleepovers and super long visits are out of the question – I’m a mommy now! It’s definitely hard to maintain friendships when you have such a young baby. There is no doubt that my priorities have changed. I realize that my friends are still important, but i’m busy…i’m ALWAYS busy!!! I know that it may sound like I make excuses as to why I can’t hang out, but trust me, “I got 4 hours of sleep” and “Audrey’s fussy” are NOT excuses. If the baby’s not happy, I’M not happy. Imagining what your life would be like with a baby is not even close to how it truly is…trust me. This summer was used to get to know my baby and learn how to be a mom. I haven’t had a minute of free time! It’ll get easier as time goes on, just bare with me!

We somehow managed to take a trip to Mackinac City this summer! I was doubtful that it would be pleasant given that I was a breastfeeding mom with a two month old baby, but given the circumstances, she was surprisingly very cooperative! I may have spent lots of time in the backseat of the car shielding myself from the public with a hungry and fussy baby, but I had an amazing time with my family.

Audrey Sleeping on the Beach
 Audrey & I in St. Ignace 
Sleeping in the Restaurant!


Thank you all for reading – i’ll update again soon! 🙂


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