I’m pleased to announce that Audrey slept on her belly for the first time on Saturday! She went from screaming the house down every time she rolled over, to sleeping soundly on her belly! It’s so exciting to watch her grow and reach new milestones. Audrey hated tummy time. HATED it. She got to the point where if I laid her down in her crib to sleep, she would roll over and wake back up. To prevent this, I put her travel bed in her crib at night for her to sleep on. She recently outgrew her travel bed, so that was no longer an option. So it’s perfect timing that she can now sleep on her belly.

Monday is officially the hardest day of the week. The second I leave for school, I miss my baby! Some weekends I look forward to a little break from home, but all I can think about when I’m gone is how I’ll soon be back home to my baby girl!

It’s only the second week, but school is steadily getting more manageable. It may take over most of my day, but I’m hoping the hours I put into it will pay off. I’m not a fan of “just getting by,” so school has become very important to me. That may sound weird coming from me, but let me tell you, I’ve gotten a hell of a reality check and set my priorities straight.

When Audrey was first born I was contemplating whether or not I should buy her a swing. I wanted to soothe her myself, without relying on a swing to calm her down. But that wasn’t working out. Every night, Audrey would scream for hours. I would make sure she was fed, changed, and comfortable, but nothing seemed to do the trick. She was pretty colicky, and after weeks of my mom begging me to just give in and buy a swing, I gave in. This swing was honestly my saving grace. Every time she fights sleep, I just put her in her swing and it usually calms her down. It was worth every penny.

Thanks for reading & I’ll update again soon! 🙂

Audrey Loves Her Books!





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