4 Months

Audrey turned 4 months old at 5:55 this morning! It’s so hard to believe that it has been so long. I can’t even imagine what my life would look like without her. I’ve been on a physical and emotional roller-coaster for four months, and I’ve got a lifetime to go! I couldn’t ask for anything better. And of course, four months on Earth = four trips to the zoo! Audrey got to feed a giraffe for the first time this past Sunday. It took a minute for her to lose interest in eating the lettuce herself, but she eventually let the giraffe take it right from her hand! IMG_20171001_161618487

So I’ve been having a hard time finding balance lately. There’s no doubt I was overwhelmed the first couple months of Audrey’s life, but we both began to settle in and become used to our new lives. With school starting, I was trying to take things slow to avoid becoming stressed, but with the online classes and hectic schedule it just can’t be avoided. You have those teachers that ask too much of you, the teachers that always find a problem with your work, and the teachers that just don’t care to help. I’ve been trying my hardest to manage them calmly on top of both the work at school and a screaming baby, but it’s become so overwhelming. I’m extremely exhausted as a result, and find it hard to focus and seem to lose my patience. From the moment I come home from school each day, I feed Audrey and get back to work on my online classes. Nothing is more heartbreaking than when she tries to get my attention as I’m typing away on the computer until 9:00 each night. Of course I take breaks to take care of her, but can you really call that a break? I’m both surprised and grateful that I found the time to post on my blog tonight.

On a positive note, I found this super cute bath flower online and couldn’t resist. Audrey’s still too small to sit her up in the sink for bath-time, but it works perfectly propped up in her infant bath. It provides a cushion on the tub, and seems to be a lot more comfortable. I’m loving it so far!



Thanks for reading & I’ll update again as soon as possible 🙂


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