Audrey’s 5 Month Birthday

It feels like just yesterday that I was scrambling to get everything together to take Audrey’s 4 month pictures. The months keep getting shorter and shorter! It’s so hard to think about how Audrey was born today, at 5:55 in the morning, 5 months ago. As she grows, her personality grows even more. She loves to smile, laugh, and play up until 2-3:00 in the morning each night! It’s extremely exhausting since I have to be up and around for school, but altering Audrey’s sleep schedule is definitely a challenge. She takes a couple 1-2 hour naps throughout the day, and just so happens to save playtime for the most inconvenient time of the night. I’ve tried giving her baths at night to calm her down hoping she’d go to sleep earlier, but she’s had this schedule for five months now and it’s going to be difficult to change.


Halloween was a success! My mom and I took Audrey trick-or-treating; she only made it to about five houses because of the weather, but the best part about Halloween is dressing up! I know Audrey probably didn’t have as much fun as I did, but it’s now an amazing memory to look back on, and there will of course be plenty of pictures so she can look back on it as well!


Snow White & The Evil Queen 


I am really looking forward to graduating! As I’ve said, something inside of you completely changes when you become a mother. I take one look around that school everyday and feel like I’m in a zoo. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good trip to the zoo, but if you asked me to take a trip to go see a couple hundred immature, obnoxious children, you can count me out. Luckily I’m not in school to make friends, I’m at school to do what I need to do to get out.

Sure it’s rewarding, but being a teen parent is not easy, as most people would imagine and as I’ve mentioned before. One of the reasons I find it challenging is because I don’t relate to people my age. Most girls my age are worried about going out on the weekends. They’re worried about temporary relationships and can only think about that one guy that keeps staring at her in class, or the girl who gave her a dirty look in the hallway. They worry about themselves. I just can’t relate. I’m worried about getting good grades. I’m worried about staying on top of my responsibilities. I’m worried about how money is spilling out of my bank account and not having a way to replace it. I’m worried about functioning as an adult everyday on 4-5 hours of sleep. I’m worried about taking care of not only Audrey’s needs, but my basic needs as well. I’m worried about how my parents keep insisting on helping support Audrey so I’m not doing it alone. My future has become a reality much quicker than most girls my age. Everything I’m worried about traces back to one thing, and that’s giving my daughter the best life I possibly can.



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