Taste Testing & Thanksgiving

Audrey’s starting to sit up by herself! She usually requires support but she’s getting the hang of it. She had her first taste of squash on Thanksgiving! I don’t think she knew quite how to feel about it from the look on her face, but she’s a good eater! Since Thanksgiving she’s also had pears and bananas. From what I can see, bananas are her favorite! I’m planning on making most of her foods myself rather than buying them, for no reason other than because I want to make her fresh foods (and it would be fun). Overall, Audrey’s first Thanksgiving was a success.

The second trimester of school started Monday. It’s always a little stressful at first, but everything is coming together – I just have to get used to the change of pace again that follows Thanksgiving Break. I’m currently taking Government, Sociology, and Accounting online followed by English and Physics that I take at the school. I’m taking one less online course than last trimester, so I’m hoping that it won’t be quite as stressful to manage. I just have to remember that I have to put in my best effort to get my desired outcome. Just a few more weeks until Winter Break!

My birthday is just days before Christmas, and I’ll finally be 18! Not sure what difference that it makes other than the fact that I have more freedom that I won’t necessarily be using, but still. I know it seems like having a birthday three days before Christmas would be awful, but I’ve came to love it. I didn’t used to love waiting all year for presents, but when I began to love Christmas as a holiday rather than just a day where you exchange gifts, I didn’t have such a problem with it.

Although Christmas isn’t about the gifts, exchanging them is still a fun tradition. For months I’ve been picking up toys for Audrey. If I’m out shopping and see something that I think she’d like, I’ll pick it up. So her gifts have really been adding up, and I may or may not have to just put some away for her birthday instead. Sometimes this momma gets a little carried away!

Audrey is really picky when it comes to things like who’s holding her, what food she eats and what temperature it is, and what toys she wants to play with. Of course she lets you know when she doesn’t like something, but she also lets you know when she DOES like something. She loves to listen to the sound of her voice, and loves to laugh. If she likes the food she’s eating, like bananas, she’ll talk in between bites and kick her legs in her highchair. She has her preferences, and it’s so much fun finding out what they are. It’s amazing to watch as her personality grows from day to day.

I know I haven’t updated in a few weeks, and I apologize for that. I know that my posts are very sporadic, and I wish I could write everyday because I truly enjoy it. It’s been a busy couple of weeks because of the holiday and school, but I should be able to find the time again in the next few days.

Don’t be a stranger! Feel free to keep in touch and be waiting for another update in the next few days! 🙂


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