7 Months Old

It doesn’t feel like Audrey is closer to one year old than being a newborn, but with every  month comes wonderful surprises and great fun! Her personality is really beginning to shine, and she’s always working on new tricks such as crawling. I’ve been keeping track of memories and milestones through a milestone calendar, and it’s amazing to go back and look at all she achieved and what memories were made. I frequently add memories/ milestones to her baby book as well, but also add her favorite things to do and toys to play with. Things I found useful a few months ago are quickly finding their way to the bottom of the toy box, and to the back of our minds. It’s time to ditch the swaddles and say hello to everything that’s to come. I’ve scrambled together a list of things that used to be must-haves, but that I no longer find useful. I’ve also pieced together a list of items that are still useful and things that Audrey loves! (This does not include obvious necessities such as a highchair and crib). Go ahead and take notes if you’ve got a little one at home!

No longer useful:

  • Bouncy seats
  • Swaddles
  • Glow worm
  • Infant hats and mittens
  • Cradle/bassinet
  • Infant tub
  • Car seat carrier
  • Boppy
  • Travel bed/co-sleeper

Still useful:

  • Convertible car seat
  • Swing
  • Toys
  • Bath flower (sink baths) or bathtub mat
  • Baby wrap/sling
  • Teething necklaces/toys
  • Pacifiers/Wubbanub
  • Fruit feeder/Nibbler
  • Bottles & sippy cups
  • Pack & Play
  • Play mat

*Every baby is different and may use items that I don’t particularly find useful for my baby. Some babies are more active than others, and may still use items that my baby no longer uses.

Thanks for reading & have a good weekend! 🙂



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