Mom Life

I’ve noticed that “mom life” is the most accurate description and best excuse for when you cancel plans or don’t want to go out. Sometimes you just don’t want to go out. Either you don’t want to find a babysitter or simply just want to be alone. Of course your mom friends will understand, but how do you explain to everyone else why you don’t want to leave the house? Sometimes, “I don’t want to get dressed” or “I’m not feeling well” doesn’t cut it. I’ve used the same excuses over and over again, and recently realized that I was coming up with terrible reasons for staying home. Why do I need an excuse? Isn’t it understandable to want some alone time? No. Not many 18 year olds are mothers, so I lack mom friends. Therefore I lack friends that understand. Don’t get me wrong, It’s great to get out every once in a while. But it’s also great to take some time to give yourself a break. It’s perfectly fine if you don’t want to brush your hair or put on makeup. Why? Because you deserve it. #MomLife.


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Thanks for reading & I’ll be posting again soon!


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