One Year Blogiversary

Happy one year blogiversary to me! It feels like I wrote my first post just yesterday. It’s amazing to go back and read previous posts to get a sense of how far Audrey and I have come. I originally started writing to put my thoughts into words to help alleviate stress and keep friends and family updated, but as I progressed I also began to write to inspire others, and give other moms tips and advice that I have found to be helpful in my experience. I’m looking forward to furthering my blog’s growth and sharing new tips and tricks while updating you all on Audrey’s growth and development. I’m proud of how far Audrey and I have come, and I have high hopes and expectations for what the future brings.

I want to thank my family, friends and readers for the motivation and support. Your feedback, comments and advice have been and always will be appreciated.

A quick update on Audrey:

She’s super active and can’t get enough attention! She definitely has quite the personality. She’s sweet and affectionate (when she wants to be) and it’s amazing to watch her grow!

Thanks for reading & I’ll be updating this weekend 🙂


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