Transitioning to Formula

It’s been a long journey of exclusively breastfeeding, and I’ve been substituting Audrey with formula to help her get the nutrients she needs. Audrey refused to take formula until now, but she has become more familiar with trying new flavors and textures given that she’s almost 9 months old. Audrey’s a healthy, growing baby who is only wanting more and more milk as she grows, and it’s getting impossible for this mama to keep up. Stress was a big factor in the decreasing of my milk supply, and it is becoming a healthier choice for me to supplement Audrey with formula. Audrey is still waking up every 2-3 hours during the night, so I nurse her throughout the night and in the morning. I’m not quite ready to give up breastfeeding completely, and it provides nutrients, comfort and closeness that can’t be provided with formula.

There’s no harm in supplementing or switching to formula as long as you slowely introduce it to your baby to help them digest and get used to the new flavor. There’s a picture below to help guide you to make the switch a little easier!


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