Finding Balance

If there’s one thing I have found myself to struggle with, it’s finding balance as a working teen mother. I’ve taken an unintentional, regretful break from posting regularly on this blog as a result. During this “break,” I’ve been extremely grateful to have gotten a part-time job. As much as I enjoy it, it can be hard to juggle it on top of being a mother and trying my best to finish my senior year of high school strong. Struggling with this balance undoubtedly affects not only your own stress level but your children as well. Until I began working, I seldom left Audrey. Of course I’d leave her to attend the two classes I have at school, but I’d even take her with me most of the time to run errands, meet up with friends, etc. I now go up to 8 hours without seeing her, and it’s been hard on both of us. Getting used to the transition takes time.

On the days I work, my schedule consists of going from school, to work, and back home to do my online classes. When are you supposed to be a parent? How do you keep the bond you have with your children? It is physically and mentally exhausting.

On my days off, I spend every second I can with Audrey. Not necessarily to make up for lost time, but because it makes me feel like my desire to be a good parent even exceeds the desire to be a good student. Taking on multiple roles is tough, but it’s important to point out what all of those roles are so that you can do your part in each of them.


Quick update on Audrey: She’s 11 months old! It’s crazy to think of how quickly time goes by. It feels like yesterday that I first held her in my arms! She’s gotten four teeth so far; two on the top & two on the bottom. She’s taken her first steps; her record is 3! She has started to eat non-pureed food, and doesn’t let anyone eat without giving her a bite (she loves lasagna). She plays peek-a-boo, claps her hands, waves, and loves music! She’s such a sweet, loving baby and loves to meet new people.

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