The Road Ahead

In what has seemed like an eternity, I’ve finally reached my last week of high school. My mind has been glued on my future for over a year, but now is the time to put my thoughts into actions. It’s been an incredibly long journey, but I’m more than ready to begin this new chapter in my life. The last four years have been undoubtedly stressful, but I’ve made memories that will last a lifetime. I’m definitely ready to be done, as my mindset and values have caused me to fall out of place.

I’m extremely proud of myself for everything  have accomplished throughout high school. I was never a straight A student until I became pregnant; leaving my classes every couple of minutes due to nausea apparently helped do the trick. Even before she was born, Audrey has been my motivation. Audrey is the reason for my determination. Audrey is the reason why I have tried so damn hard to get to where I am right now, because I didn’t do any of it for myself. I did it for her. Everything I’ve accomplished in the last year and a half couldn’t have been done alone; Audrey is both my strength and my weakness. Because of her, my heart is full. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful human being by my side through thick and thin. We did it together, and for that I will forever be thankful.

Update on Audrey- 

I managed to capture a picture of (almost) all of her teeth! Yesterday her right lateral incisor popped through, giving her the whopping total of 5 teeth. She’s definitely a biter!

She’s still not too confident about walking, but she’s getting there! She’s a pretty fast crawler and loves cruising around the furniture. I recently bought her a walker and she loves it! I was unsure about it at first because I thought it might delay her walking, but they’re great for strengthening babies legs and getting them used to walking. So if you’re thinking of getting a walker for your little one, don’t hesitate.

Audrey loves to be outside. She’s been to the beach and the zoo so far this year, and she loves to be out in the sun! I also take her on walks down the road so she can get some fresh air; she loves nature.

Thanks for reading 🙂 Updating again soon ❤


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