My One Dollar Deal

I’m just going to post an update really quick to let you all know that I just scored some AMAZING DEALS! As you all know, I’m on a budget, and getting good deals is extremely reassuring. Even if you’re not on a budget, I’m sure you can relate. After all, who doesn’t like to save money? Every time I go shopping, whether it be at Target or Kohl’s, I always make my way to the baby section. I pick up some toys or a couple outfits, and whatever outfit Audrey looks most interested in becomes a new addition to her wardrobe. (So much for trying to save money, right?). But I happened to take a quick trip to Walmart, and made a beeline for the baby section. And that’s when I saw it. Big, bold, and calling my name. “CLEARANCE $1.” I don’t think my mom and I have ever torn through a rack so quickly. We were finding the most adorable outfits, and couldn’t believe they were so cheap. Carter’s has never failed me. Audrey most definitely didn’t need all of those clothes, but who could possibly pass up a good deal like that? So if you’ve got a baby, go to Walmart before the sale ends!

My Two Faves!





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